Chemical Engineering Analytical Facility

The Chemical Engineering Analytical Facility was established with financial support from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Innovation Trust. State-of-the-art instrumentation is used by graduate students and researchers to provide the fundamental insight into the molecular and bulk physical properties of polymers needed to design novel materials and optimize their properties.

The facility also possesses pilot scale polymer processing and molding capability so the fundamental insights gained can be utilized in the iterative development of novel materials based on polymers.

Merger with the instrumentation from the former Fuel Cell Research Center has granted our facility the ability to characterize solid phase chemicals that are vital in the new energy sector, as well as the mining and metallurgy industry.

researcher in lab coat

The equipment can be grouped into the following broad categories:

  • Spectrophotometers, particle size analyzers, and equipment to characterize the molecular size and structure of polymers
  • Characterization of the mechanical properties (tensile, flexural, and impact) of polymers according to industry standards
  • Equipment to characterize the thermal and rheological properties of polymers
  • Polymer processing and molding equipment
  • Solid phase chemical characterization

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