Mining Engineering Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow students to bring concepts learned in lecture to life.

The on-campus laboratories include a Rock Mechanics laboratory, Mine Environment laboratory, Computer Planning facilities, and several Mineral Processing laboratories. The department also operates an Explosive Test Site in Hinchinbrooke Township, near Kingston.

Laboratories are fully equipped for the programs offered. In addition, they include extensive equipment for advanced study and research in the various fields of major interest. The facilities allow undergraduate courses to be conducted in close proximity to graduate study and research. As a result, sound professional practice can be emphasized while the potential for future development is demonstrated.

Explosives Lab
Queen's is the only University in Canada which has a well equipped Explosives Test Facility which is located 50 km north of Kingston. The facility includes a bunker equipped with an ultra high speed streak and framing camera, digital oscilloscopes, a portable data acquisition system, VOD monitors, a Hycam high speed camera and two Locam relatively high speed cameras.

Mineral Processing Lab
The Mineral Processing Laboratory includes: sample preparation room, physical and chemical mineral concentration, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and precious metals extraction, wet chemical and instrumental chemical analysis, and gold fire assay.

Rock Mechanics Lab
In addition to the usual equipment for physical property testing (such as apparent bulk density, point load strength testing and Brazilian indirect tensile strength determination), the rock mechanics laboratory has two compression loading frames; direct shear testing equipment; laboratory sample preparation equipment; and microseismic monitoring systems

Ventilation Lab
The laboratory offers the ability to introduce principles and experimental techniques in occupational health and mine ventilation. Principles and techniques involved in dust concentration measurements are introduced and the concentration of mine gases is precisely determined with specialized instrumentation.