Ventilation Lab

The laboratory offers the ability to introduce principles and experimental techniques in occupational health and mine ventilation. Principles and techniques involved in dust concentration measurements are introduced and the concentration of mine gases is precisely determined with specialized instrumentation. Noise exposure is determined with sound level meters. The laboratory is equipped with standard instruments used for ventilation surveys including barometers, manometers, anemometers, pitot tubes and psychrometers.

Mine ventilation lab

A ventilation analogue is used to simulate mine ventilation network systems and to introduce a number of control problems associated with regulation, leakage and boosting ventilation in mines. A simulator is used to evaluate pressure losses in mine roadways and the effects of wall roughness, obstructions, bends and changes in cross-section on airway resistance. An air flow system fitted with a centrifugal fan is used to introduce flow, pressure, resistance, and shock loss measurement techniques. Two automated ventilation systems permit computer controlled testing, simulation and characterization of centrifugal and axial flow fans. A wind tunnel is also available to permit instrumentation calibrations and flow simulations.