Strategic Plan

Building on our Strengths, Preparing for the Future

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Since its inception in 1893, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science has continued to grow steadily in size and reputation; graduating over 33,000 engineers throughout our existence.

Today, our academic institutions face unprecedented challenges, ranging from an increasingly diverse society to economic pressures related to both teaching and research.

Queen’s Engineering continues to place among the top-tier of institutions nationally, graduating exceptional engineers who go on to be leaders in their respective fields, while simultaneously balancing its academic mission with ground-breaking research by our faculty.

However; we cannot remain idle, as the academic landscape is evolving rapidly, and we must keep pace. To that end, earlier this year I initiated a process to formally develop a new Faculty Strategic Plan.

Kevin Deluzio

Queen's Engineering Strategic Plan Working Group

  • Kevin Deluzio, Dean
  • Brian Surgenor, Vice-Dean
  • Sarah Kauffman, Executive Director
  • Brian Amsden, Department Head, Chemical Engineering
  • Rob Knobel, Department Head, Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy
  • Evelyn Morin, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Vera Kettnaker, Research Development Strategist
  • Christa Camirand, Director, Human Resources
  • Gabrielle Whan, Department Manager, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
  • Graeme Boyd, Department Manager, Civil Engineerin
  • Jane McMillan, Executive Director of Development
  • Chelsea Elliott, Director of Corporate Relations
  • David Yokom, Director, Innovative Educational Initiatives
  • Alicia McDonald, Project Manager
  • Rick McCreary, Deputy Chair, TD Securities, alumnus
  • Angelica Campigotto, Engineering Graduate Student
  • Delaney Benoit, Engineering Undergraduate Student

Strategic Planning Process

In the fall of 2020, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen’s initiated a strategic planning process to develop a shared understanding of the strengths and institutional direction over the next few years and beyond. Through a comprehensive competitive process, Queen's Engineering commissioned Higher Education Strategy Associates (HESA), an external consultant, to help facilitate the planning process.

This strategic planning is an opportunity for the Queen's Engineering community, in collaboration with external partners and stakeholders, to envision its future. The Strategic Planning Committee has outlined three major phases in this strategic planning exercise—exploration, consultations, and plan’s development—with an objective to present the final version of the Queen's Engineering Strategic Plan by the end of Spring 2021.

We envision the following purposes and timelines for each phase:

Phase I: Research and exploration

September – October 2020

During the first phase in September and October 2020, Queen's Engineering and HESA conducted preliminary internal and external consultations, complemented by environmental research on current trends in engineering education and research. The Background Information document below presents key takaways from this phase.

The Consultation Background document provides an overview of the Faculty’s strengths and challenges as reported from initial interviews, as well as key trends in engineering education and research. Most importantly, this document provides key questions that will guide conversations during the second phase of strategic planning.

We invite everyone to become familiar with the document and to participate in the next phase of consultations.

Phase II: Public consultations

October 2020 - January 2021

The goal of the second phase is to engage with as many members of the Queen's Engineering community as possible to ensure that we hear a variety of perspectives on the faculty’s strategic direction.

For this purpose, Queen's Engineering will facilitate at least 25 group discussions with faculty members, staff, students and alumni. Following the public health protocols, all interactive group discussions will take place online through Zoom.

There will be also an opportunity for everyone to provide written feedback through an online survey, which will be available in the coming weeks. Please watch this page for details.

Phase III: Strategic plan development

February - November 2021

Following the public consultations in Phase II, the Faculty will prepare a first draft of the strategic vision and goals for community discussion and validation. Every member of the Engineering community will be invited to comment on the first draft as the process continues.

Having incorporated the community’s feedback on the first draft, the Faculty will develop the final strategic plan for 2021-2026.

Share Your Thoughts

Do you have feedback on the Faculty's strategic direction and priorities for the future? Please let us know via email using the button below. Your name and email will be added to a list for future follow-ups on the planning process.