Teaching Assistant Training and Development

Welcome! Congratulations on becoming a Teaching Assistant!

Being a teaching assistant means you have the possibility to change a student’s academic journey for the better. Students often look to their TAs for help with class material and guidance and support for the course in general. You are an important piece of the puzzle that leads to student success in university. You help clarify and solidify concepts, you give hands-on learners a chance to learn the material in a way that suits them best, and your passion in the subject may inspire a student to follow the same path as you. The work you do for the students, such as preparing material, giving them your tips and advice on how to learn difficult concepts, and providing students with good feedback is critical for their growth and improvement as learners. At Queen’s Engineering, we look to provide students with the best experience and education they can get, and it is with your help that we can reach this goal and support the engineers of tomorrow.

Please confirm with your supervisor or review your Teaching Assistant Form to confirm if you are required to complete this training.


All new teaching assistants should complete the Teaching Assistant Professional Development training and are encouraged to explore any other professional development resources available. This Professional Development training is being offered for all new Teaching Assistants (TAs) within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen’s University. The objective of this training is to inspire confidence in your role as a TA through enhancing your professional and instructional skills.

There are two components of the training:

  1. Job Specific Training (covers topics like equity and diversity, privacy, academic integrity, communication, etc.)
  2. Employer-Specific Training (AODA Suite and Health & Safety Awareness)

Self-register for the TA Training onQ page

  1. Go to the Self Registration page in onQ
  2. From the list find: TAPD – W2023 – Teaching Assistant Professional Development W2023 (the list is in alphabetical order)
  3. Click on the course link and select Register
  4. Confirm the STAFF NetID account info presented then click Submit (Staff NetIDs must be used.)
  5. Click Finish

Job-Specific Training: How it Works

You are encouraged to complete this training early in your TA contract. To be compensated, you must complete the training by February 6, 2023. Upon completion of the program, you will only be compensated for this training for a total time of 4.5 hours.

The topics covered within the job-specific training include:

  1. Diversity and inclusion in teaching and learning
  2. Supporting mental health as a TA
  3. Student privacy information
  4. Principles of academic integrity
  5. Effective communication as a TA
  6. Effective teaching strategies and tools
  7. Resources and support available to TAs
  8. Training Test

You may complete the training in one sitting, or you may decide to complete each topic individually over a period of time. Regardless of how you approach the training, you must complete the Training Test in order to finish the training. You will have three attempts to complete the test and you must score 85% or higher to pass this part of the training.

Employer-Specific Training: How it Works

There are two training components that you must complete for your contract as a Queen's employee: AODA Suite and Health & Safety Awareness. You are expected to complete this training by the end of your first month upon the start of your TA contract. These two training components are separate from job-specific training and are compensated separately as well. You will find links to these training modules in this course and you will submit proof of your completion to the two assignment submission folders in this module. Submitting your proof of completion will be used in compensating you for this training time.

Other Training Available

A variety of optional professional development materials are available in the module called "Other Resources." We encourage you to review these resources to support your role as a TA as desired. These are optional resources and you will not receive additional compensation for reviewing these materials.

Questions About the TA Training

If you have any questions about the TA Training, please contact the Engineering Teaching and Learning Team at etlt@queensu.ca.