Academic Guide

Students are encouraged to review the content of this webpage for guidance and contact their Academic Advisor or Academic Assistant for further assistance.

Academic Regulation Requests, Waivers, and Appeals

Direct all waiver and appeal requests to the student's home department or to Student Services Office in the Engineering and Applied Science, even if the request is to add or drop an Arts & Science course after the deadline (Reference: The Senate Policy on Faculty Jurisdiction).

Exam Information

What to do if you miss a final exam

All absences during the final exam period require documentation submitted along with a Request for Academic Consideration. For further information please refer to this link:

Calculators in Examinations ~ Only Casio 991 calculators are permitted to be used for exams, refer to the calculator policy for more information.

What to do in the Event of the Loss of a Close Family Member or Friend

  • Notify your instructors by email as soon as possible that you will not be able to meet academic requirements due to bereavement
  • Email the FEAS Program Advisor (Accommodations & Considerations) at for further directives regarding bereavement leave, Requests for Academic Consideration, documentation, supportive counseling, and resources available to support the student during this time
Readmission Procedures

To apply to Engineering after a voluntary withdrawal or requirement to withdraw, go to the Forms Online Page to complete and then submit the Application for Re-Admission/Resumption of Studies form before July 15 to be considered for re-admission for the following academic session.

Last Updated: Oct 2022 (kb/mj)