Tips for APSC 199 (English Proficiency Test)

Tips to Prepare:

Be confident in your abilities to pass the test!

Utilize the preparatory material in the APSC 199 onQ page.

Understand the test structure and how the EPT will be evaluated here.

Practice listening to audio recordings or podcasts, take notes while listening & draft a practice email.

Practice your timing - after the reading is done, you will have an hour to write the test.

Attend preparatory and information sessions organized by the Faculty of Engineering, find more information here.

Practice with a friend or tutor to improve your listening and speaking skills.

Tips to Consider During the Test:

Take care of yourself before the test – get enough rest and food to get you started.

Listen attentively while the scenario is being read to you.

Take Notes as the scenario is being read to you. You can use these notes throughout the duration of your written test.

Outline & Brainstorm using your rough notes before you write the final version. This will help you organize your thoughts and to ensure you have all the points you would like to convey.

Proofread your work - it is better to be sure that you have covered the required material than to submit incomplete work.

Resources on Campus

Faculty EPT coordinator, Olga Xenodochidou

Student Academic Success Services (SASS):
SASS provides support in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for students.

Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) hosts weekly conversation groups where students can practice English conversation skills with other students Thursdays from 5:30 – 7:00pm at Mitchell Hall, 2nd floor, room 208.

Social events and gatherings on campus and in the community. These can be found through QUIC Event Calendar and Engineering International Event Page.

More Information about the EPT can be found here.