Meet your Student Services team

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Julie Hao

Julie Hao

  • International Student Advisor
  • Exchange Coordinator
  • Section 900 (J-Section)
  • First-Year International Student Support


[Micheline Johnston]

Micheline Johnston

  • First-Year Advisor
  • Section 900 (J-Section)
  • Dual Degree and Internship
  • General First Year Support
  • Peer Mentor Program

Contact Micheline Johnston:

[Aphra Rogers]

Aphra Rogers

  • APSC Program Lead
  • Oversees all APSC courses
  • Provides strategic direction for FY Program
  • Oversees the administration, grades, and timetabling
    for the APSC courses

Contact Aphra Rogers:

[Gillian Woodruff]

Gillian Woodruff

  • APSC 200/293 Program Associate
  • Second year academic advising
  • TA recruitment for APSC 200/293

Contact Gillian Woodruff:

[Tabitha Renaud]

Tabitha Renaud

  • Administrative support for APSC 100, 200, 400,
    401, and 480

Contact Tabitha Renaud:

Ashwin Gupta

  • APSC 400, 401, and 480

Contact Ashwin Gupta:

[Shelly Stilson]

Shelly Stilson

  • Front Reception and General Inquiries
  • ILC Room Bookings
  • Re-Read Requests
  • Dean’s List Letters

Contact Shelly Stilson:

[Tracy Brons]

Tracy Brons

  • Assistant to Dr. Kontopoulou Associate Dean
    (Academic) and Dr. Frank Associate Dean
    (Teaching and Learning)
  • Scholarship Awards Information
  • Transfer Student/Re-Admission

Contact Tracy Brons:

[Catherine Gurnsey]

Catherine Gurnsey

  • Academic Accommodations
  • Short Term Considerations

Contact Catherine Gurnsey:

[Kendy Sandy]

Kendy Sandy

  • Recruitment and Events Coordinator
  • Prospective Student Visits
  • Tours of the ILC
  • Wellness Week

Contact Kendy Sandy:

[Olga Xenodochidou]

Olga Xenodochidou

  • English Additional Language Support Instructor

Contact Olga Xenodochidou:

[Lindsay Campbell]

Lindsay Campbell

  • Graduation Advisor Requests for Late Drops
  • Requests for late drops, incompletes, course
    substitutions, appeals, and letter of permissions

Contact Lindsay Campbell:

Jenna Hamilton

  • Coordination and support of remote proctoring

Contact Jenna Hamilton:


[Stacy Shane]

Stacy Shane

  • Manager Student Services
  • Manages the Student Services Office
  • First and Upper Year Advisor
  • Graduation Advisor
  • Student Assessment and Progression

Contact Stacy Shane:

Embedded Counsellors

  • Two Personal Counsellors
  • Wellbeing support

To make an appointment follow the link below

Associate Deans

[Brian Frank]

Brian Frank

  • Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)
  • Responsible to initiate and coordinate initiatives
    that will enhance student learning across the faculty

Contact Dr. Frank:

[Marianna Kontopoulou]

Marianna Kontopoulou

  • Associate Dean (Academic)
  • Undergraduate Eng. Program Admissions
  • Academic Counselling/Student Progression
  • Transfer Students

Contact Dr. Kontopoulou:

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Student Services Office
Beamish-Munro Hall, Room 300
Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Main line: 613-533-2055
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