Personal Counselling & Wellness Services

While life in Engineering can be exciting and filled with new experiences, it can also be overwhelming. It is common for students to experience feelings of stress and low mood, as well as experience different situations and circumstances in which they would benefit from more support.

See the below chart to figure out what type of appointment would best suit you.

Wellness Navigator Embedded Counsellor
Goal is to connect people to appropriate resources to gain or maintain wellness Goal is to support students through mental health challenges
Provides intake and assessment to determine student needs and coordinate appropriate support Provides opportunity to develop and work towards collaborative therapeutic goals
Focuses on assessment of student needs and knowledge of university policy and resources Focuses on emotional and mental healing
Helps resolve student concerns and facilitates relationships between the student and appropriate service providers/partners Helps improve personal insight and facilitate skill development
Deals with problem solving, and personal/academic goals Can deal with blind spots/barriers to facilitate self- knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth
A Wellness Navigator cannot act as a Counsellor A Counsellor can also help navigate resources, if appropriate
Private, not confidential Confidential
Book in if: This is your first-time seeking support and/or you’re not sure what you are looking for Book in if: You know what counselling is and you’re ready to work on emotional or mental health goals
Book with the wellness navigator Book with the embedded counsellor