Registration Guide

Engineering and Applied Science
Fall/Winter 2019/2020

Important note:

First-year students are advised by Student Services Office personnel in the Engineering and Applied Science Faculty.
Contact Micheline Johnston or Aphra Rogers.

Upper year students are advised by personnel in their departments: The Academic Assistants are the staff person responsible for assisting you. Your faculty advisor is called the Undergraduate Chair. When you have questions contact the Undergraduate Assistant in your department first, and if necessary he/she will tell you how to contact the Undergraduate Chair.

Note: As student advisors, we are happy to provide you with assistance and advice; however, please note that each student is personally responsible for meeting the graduation requirements of his/her academic plan.

StepStart DateEnd DateTask
1 before June 14

All outstanding debts to the University must be paid before course selection begins. You will not be able to register in courses if you owe any money to the University this includes library fines, residence charges, phy-ed centre debts, and outstanding tuition.

International students must contact the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC) to enroll in the University Health Insurance Plan for 2019/20.

If you do not have sufficient funds to pay your full tuition by Sept 1 or are being funded by an outside agency or Band, have a student loan, external loans or grants, or third-party contracts, please see the information on the Registrar's website about filling out a "Alternative Payment Arrangement" form and having it approved. Go to  click on 'fees' blue bar, and then the 'Alternative Payment Arrangement Form'.
2 BETWEEN June 15 June 30

The updated Calendar information for your courses and academic plan can be viewed on the Engineering and Applied Science calendar website. You may also view your course and degree program information in SOLUS. Find out when courses are offered by viewing the on-line Course Timetable. Select elective courses (technical electives and complementary studies electives) for your SOLUS shopping cart. Your core courses will be added soon.

3 BETWEEN June 20
June 30

The core courses for your academic plan are loaded and will be viewable in your timetable. You can now check to see if the electives (technical electives and/or complementary studies) you have selected have timetable conflicts with your core courses. SOLUS will NOT let you register for a course if it has a timetable conflict. The Faculty discourages timetable conflicts, however occasionally these are necessary. It is possible, under certain circumstances, for you to request permission to add courses that conflict (see Step 5).

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MISSING PREREQUISITES: When the core courses are loaded into your timetable the block loading process overrides the prerequisite considerations. However, this does not mean you are able to do the course if you have not passed a prerequisite. The Faculty does a prerequisite check in September, and if you are missing a prerequisite, you will be pulled out of the course. To avoid being pulled out of the course you must submit a Course Registration Request Form (CRRF) see Step 5 below. This request must be approved otherwise you will not be able to remain in the course.

4 July 8

**PREREGISTRATION** Students can go to SOLUS to view their Enrolment Appointments. Incoming first-year students usually DO NOT need to use their enrollment appointment since all of their courses are automatically added for them.

5 July 15 July 24

Enrollment Appointments: Go to SOLUS on or after your Enrollment Appointment time. Review your core courses. You will now be able to add your technical electives and/or complementary studies courses for both Fall and Winter.

Timetable conflicts: SOLUS will NOT allow you to add a course that conflicts with anything else in your timetable. The Faculty discourages timetable conflicts, however, it recognizes that occasionally these may be necessary. If you feel that it is absolutely necessary that you add a course that conflicts with your present timetable, you can do this using the Course Registration Request Form (CRRF). This is a PDF document that you can use to request permission to add a conflicting course. The steps for this are as follows:

  • Download the CRRF from this link: Course Registration Request Form for missing prerequisites and first-year courses) or use the Schedule Conflict Course Registration Form (includes a section for missing prerequisites).
  • Read the instructions at the bottom of the form, and then fill in the student area at the top of the form. Explain clearly why you believe you must add the course. Save the form to your computer in the following format: CRRFlastnamecoursenumber.docx (for example CRRFSmithMECH212.docx). You can also save it as a pdf file if you wish.
  • Look at your timetable in SOLUS and print it to a file with the following name: TTlastname.pdf.
  • Send an email to your Undergraduate Assistant with two attachments: your CRRF form and your timetable (if you don't know who your Undergraduate Assistant is, look at the top of this Registration Guide. If you are requesting to add a first-year course then send your CRRF and timetable to Micheline Johnston in Student Services Office, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science).
  • You must email your CRRF and timetable from your queensu email address for it to be considered an official request. Emails from Hotmail, etc will not be considered. You may also print the CRRF and your timetable and bring it into your department office in person.
  • You can only use ONE CRRF form per request.
  • Your Undergraduate Assistant will take the form to the Undergraduate Chair, who will approve or deny the request. If approved, the Undergraduate Assistant will either add you to the course, or will send you a permission number that will allow you to add it yourself.  If the request is denied then you will be notified by email but no reason will be given, and the decision is not appealable.

Missing prerequisites: As mentioned in Step 4 you will be removed from any block loaded core course with a missing prerequisite or co-requisite. Furthermore will not let you add a course if you have not fulfilled the prerequisite or co-requisite requirements. To request permission to waive a prerequisite or a co-requisite, use the CRRF, print your timetable to a file, and follow the same steps as outlined above for Timetable Conflicts.

Enrolling in full courses, adding a first-year course, and other registration requests requiring permission from the Department Undergraduate Chair.

Again, submit a CRRF and your timetable using the Steps outlined above for Timetable conflicts. If you are requesting to add a First Year Course then the CRRF and your timetable should be sent to Micheline Johnston in the Student Services Office, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Room 300, Beamish-Munro Hall.

6 BY September 1 into your student fees account

Make your TUITION payment BY SEPTEMBER 1. (tuition by Sept 1, the balance of your fees are due by the end of Sept (SAL, Activity fees, Faculty Society Fees and Residence Fees if applicable)). You will be charged a $150 late payment fee. (administration fee)

Information on methods of payment can be found on the Registrar's web page. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the payment of fees call the Office of the University Registrar Fee Line at 613-533-6894.


UPPER YEAR students need to verify that you are in the correct courses at this point, if not, then you can make changes during add/drop (Step 8 below).

8 August 27 September 18

Add and drop courses on SOLUS.

Last day to ADD a Fall and Fall-Winter course is September 18, 2019.

Last day to ADD a Winter course is January 17, 2020.

Last day to DROP a Fall or Fall-Winter course without Financial penalty is September 18, 2019.

Last day to DROP a Fall course without academic penalty is November 1, 2019. All Fall courses dropped after the deadline will show as "DR" on your transcript. There are no exceptions.

Last day to DROP a Fall/Winter sessional course is January 18, 2019. All courses dropped after the deadline will show as "DR" on your transcript. There are no exceptions.

Last day to DROP a Winter course is March 1, 2019. All courses dropped after the deadline will show as "DR" on your transcript. There are no exceptions.

*** Please pay attention to academic deadlines.

Permissions Numbers for pre-requisite/co-requisite waivers can be obtained from your Academic Assistant provided you have filled out the necessary forms and have the required permission.

10 Sunday, September 3

FIRST YEAR and UPPER YEAR RETURNING students get their Queen's Photo-ID card validated 

For complete information, please see the 2019 Photo-ID Schedule at the link below:

11 September 5, 2019 Fall and Fall-Winter Classes begin.
12 January 6, 2020 Winter Classes begin.

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