EngWell Workshops

Virtual well-being workshops to help our engineers slay the academic year!

Take care of yourself. University is demanding. It introduces levels of stress and barriers that interfere with your success—so change that and invest in yourself!

Take advantage of the following holistic workshops. They will help improve your quality of life and keep your mind and body in shape while you navigate the stresses of being a student.

Take a break and a moment to carve out your you-time. You deserve the result: the ability to cope with challenges, enjoy life and be happy! Don’t forget that.

Workshop Recordings

View 30-minute wellness workshops on any of the below topics here!

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    Turn off your logical and analytical brain and get your creative juices flowing by learning basic principles of graphic design including colour, space, hierarchy, texture and more. You will learn ideas and principles that can be applied to any visual layout to a logo, webpage, event poster etc. You can use Illustrator, PPT, Canva or any program you have available or are comfortable using. This creative workshop is for anyone who wants to explore and experience with graphic design. No past experience required just an interest in communicating with text and images and harnessing your creative energy!

    Typography + Colour

    Alignment + Hierarchy

    Contrast + Repetition

    Proximity + Balance

    Texture + Space

    Graphic Design: Software and Freestyle

  • Communication Secrets

    Communication Secrets

    Whether you're meeting new people, developing or rebuilding a relationship, delivering a presentation, requesting a grade change-- master the secrets to verbal and non-verbal communication to get what you want while staying cool, calm and collected.

    The Secrets of Body Language

    The Art of Negotiation

    Mastering Public Speaking

    Relationship Building: Making Chemistry + Connections

    Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

    Asserting Yourself

  • Stress Relief

    Stress Relief

    Learn practical solutions to help you manage stress, mood, focus, schoolwork, anxiety, relationships, pain, depression and/or self-compassion. This group workshop is intended for anyone looking to take the load off and get a fresh perspective on life. Everyone wants to live easier and happier. Let us show you how.

    Time Management + Organization I

    Mindfulness + Self-Compassion

    Stress Management I

    Time Management + Organization II

    Conscious Confidence - Cancelled

    Stress Management II

    Tools for Healing Anti-Black Racism

  • Exercise


    Give yourself an instant mid-day energy boost! Participate in a 20-minute express workout that improves strength, cardio and motion. It's simple. Follow along. Burn calories. Feel energized. Yes, that easy. Let's do it!

    Strength I

    Cardio I

    Yoga I

    Strength II

    Cardio II

    Yoga II

  • Food and Nutrition

    Food + Nutrition

    We're serving up fresh recipe ideas and good nutrition. We'll make sure that the live recipe-tutorials include the comfort foods you enjoy and a Q&A session so you can learn to make your Fridays (and every day), sweet, savoury and nutritious!






    Nutrition for Peak Productivity