Costs and Financial Support

The Exchange Program has a $125 fee, payable upon successful acceptance into the program.

Each exchange student pays tuition and fees at their home university. Thus, your fees will be the same as they would be here. Our partner universities offer assistance in finding you a room, but the cost of the room is your expense. European living costs vary from city to city and are usually higher than those in Kingston. Travel and insurance of all kinds, plus all other incidentals are also your responsibility.

There are a few ways you can obtain financial assistance:

  • Bursaries: You can find a list of exchange bursaries and the application form on the Student Awards website.
  • Scholarships: Students are allowed to hold renewable entrance awards while on exchange. Coming back from exchange, you will be eligible for Dean’s Special Scholarships for Students Returning From Exchange.

You are welcome to book an appointment to discuss Exchange opportunities for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please book an appointment with the International advisor or stop by Room 300, Beamish-Munro Hall to book your appointment. The Exchange Coordinator can also be contacted by email at