Adobe Connect web conferencing

Adobe Connect

Your Faculty IT group now supports and encourages the use of Adobe Connect for web conferencing applications (meetings with colleagues from other universities, thesis defenses, project sponsors, etc.)

Why Adobe Connect?

While there are a large number of web conferencing systems (WebEx, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Lync, etc.) they often suffer from a critical unreliablity: the primary task of getting your participants established into the conference easily, regardless of their operating system and browser type and version, is problematic. Often they work for a while, and then something is upgraded (or not upgraded) and one of your participants can’t connect. You are then left wasting time trouble-shooting while everyone else sits impatiently and your conference starts late.

While I don’t promise that Adobe Connect will be completely flawless, it has proven itself over many years to be highly reliable. It does not require the download and installation of a client - it runs entirely within the user’s browser using Flash. It has extensive capabilities but is simple to use. It is the choice of several other departments and Faculties within Queen's.

How Do I Access It?

There are two ways to make use of Connect. Infrequent users can “borrow” one of the two host licenses that IT maintains. Or, if you require web conferencing regularly we can add a license of your own, giving you 24x365 access to creating and hosting conferences of up to 100 participants. Participants can be anywhere in the world with Internet access, and do not require additional licensing.

Our Faculty site is located at

You can request a conference meeting by submitting a ticket at

How Can I Learn It?

There is a course available through (free for Queen’s staff/faculty/students) to become proficient - click here.

I would be very happy to discuss Connect further with you or your group, provide a demonstration, or assist in setting up your first web conference.

Stephen Hunt