Pollute HOWTO

HOWTO - Pollute!

  1. Before starting Pollute!, go to Start->Computer and verify that you have a P drive. P Drive
  2. If you have a P Drive, go to step 4. If you do not, enter \\appsci.queensu.ca\netlogon\undergraduate in the Address Bar and double click the script pollute.bat.Verify that you now have a P drive. Close the Window. 
    Pollute Drive Map Script
  3. Open Pollute. You will be presented with an error message about being unable to locate the database. Click OK. Go to Step 5.
  4. You need to change the preferences of Pollute! to point to the database and projects.
    Pollute Preferences
  5. There will now be the following dialog box presented. It may be behind any other windows you have open. 
     Pollute preferences
    Make sure that you change the Database Directory to P: and the Default Directory to P:\Projects.
  6. It is essential that ALL projects be saved to the P:\Projects folder. Failure to do so will cause the Projects database to become corrupted and break Pollute for everyone. If you want to save a copy of your project, copy it from the P drive when finished. DO NOT CUT OR DELETE PROJECT FILES FROM WINDOWS EXPLORER.