Student Printing Service

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science offers printing services across our facilities.

What does it cost?

For black and white printers the cost per page is 10¢. If you duplex (which is the default setting) the cost is 9¢/side. This covers the paper, toner, printer, and support required to provide this service.

For the new colour MFD in Beamish-Munro, costs for colour and larger paper sizes are posted near the printer.

All first-year students in the Faculty are given a $5 quota once at the start of the year.

How do I see my remaining balance?

If you are using one of the lab desktops your balance will appear as soon as you log in - it's in the PaperCut client software running on these machines.

From anywhere you can go to - log in with your NetID and check your balance, web print documents, or purchase additional credit.

How do I print from my own laptop?

See the Web Print instructions posted near each printer.

How do I use email-to-print?

You can email a job to each of our student printers. Simply compose or forward an email containing one or more attachments in PDF, standard image, or a Microsoft Office format. Send the message from your Queen's email address to the printer of your choice. The email addresses for each printer are listed at the bottom of this page. Your job will appear within 1-2 minutes typically.

How do I purchase credit?

If you want to increase the balance in your print account, log in at  and select “Buy Credit". You can choose $2, $5, and $10 amounts and payment is handled securely by PayPal using your bank account or credit card.

What if the printer runs out of paper?

The printers hold 1,000 sheets of paper, which should be enough to get through even a busy weekend (and the new MFD holds fives times that). But if for some reason the paper runs out, call (613) 533-2442 or email

What if there is a paper jam?

Please let Faculty technical staff know using the phone or email above and they will fix the problem. In the meantime, there are identical printers in the locations below:

Locations and email-to-print addresses

Beamish-Munro Hall Room 226 (Student Lounge)
Dupuis Hall Room 242 (Computing Cluster)*
Ellis Hall Room 232 (Computer Lab)*
Goodwin Hall Room 327 (Computer Lab)
Goodwin Hall Room 456 (Graduate Area)*
McLaughlin Hall Room 211 (Computer Lab)*
Nicol Hall Room 408*
* This area is restricted access and may not be accessible by all students.

Revised Sep 2018