How to use the FEAS Time Off System

How to request time off | How to approve time off | Recording sickness and other non-booked leave

Logging In

  1. Go to
  2. We strongly recommend that you use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, not Internet Explorer
  3. Log in with your campus NetID and password

Viewing the Calendar

  1. Click "Calendar" on the side bar. You will see the time off calendar which shows the approved vacation requests for anyone in your group.

Submitting a time off request

  1. Click "Request TimeOut" on the side bar Request TimeOut
  2. Navigate to the month you wish to have time off. Click the first date of your requested time off, and then click on the final date (don't worry about weekends and holidays, they won't get counted). Your selection will highlight in blue
  3. The "Day Type" will be set to Vacation. Change this if appropriate (Sick Leave, Overtime Request, etc.).
  4. "How Much Time" will be in Whole Days if you have selected multiple days, otherwise you can select "Half Day" or "Hours".
  5. On the right confirm the details, and add a comment if useful for your supervisor.  
  6. Click the "Submit Request" button
  7. You will receive an email shortly afterwards confirming your request, and another when your supervisor has approved or rejected. You can also come back to the time off calendar anytime to view the status of your requests.

Supervisor: Approving time off requests

  1. If you are a supervisor you will receive an email message when one of your reports requests time off. There is a link in the message to click. Log in as above.
  2. Click "Approval Requests" on the side bar Approval Requests
  3. You will see a list of bookings waiting for your approval. Click "Process" next to the first one to view the details including any comments and the history of this request. The system treats multiple days as separate items so that you can accept/reject days individually.
  4. To see this request along with other time off in this group, click "Show Calendar".
  5. Click "Accept" or "Reject" for each day. Add a comment if appropriate which will be sent back to the employee, and then click "Submit". (Alternatively, click "Accept All" or "Reject All" at the bottom.)
  6. Click "Back" if there are more requests to process, and repeat.

Supervisors: Submitting sick leave and other non-booked leaves

  1. To add sick leave for one of your staff, log in as before
  2. Click "Your People" on the menubar
  3. Click the employee name.
  4. On the side bar click "Record TimeOut".
  5. Choose the date(s) by clicking on the calendar, or filling in the From and To fields.
  6. Choose the appropriate Day Type.
  7. Click "Record TimeOut".

Any other questions or problems, please contact Stephen for assistance.