Ticket Priorities and Times

This table shows how the Faculty IT Group prioritizes incoming requests for support, and the target response and resolution times we work to.

PriorityImpactResponse TimeTarget Resolution TimeUpdate FrequencyNotification ListExamples
Immediate Many people can't work, no workaround available 5 min 1 hour 30 min ST, SH, GS, PH, community Major system failure
High Many people inconvenienced (workaround available), one person can't work (no workaround) 30 min 3 hours 1 hour SH, GS, PH, submitter Major system slow responsiveness; desktop inoperative
Medium One person inconvenienced 3 hours 6 hours At close Submitter Software crashing
Low No immediate impact 6 hours 3 days At close Submitter Request for new feature or capability; new user or access


  • “Response time” is how quickly we will start working on the problem. “Resolution time” is the goal for completion and also the point when the ticket will be escalated if not completed. “Update frequency” is how often the people in the Notification List should be updated on the progress of the issue.
  • Within the medium and low priorities, tickets are handled in the order they were submitted.
  • To set priority we consider two questions: 1. How many people are immediately affected – 0, 1, or more than 1? 2. Is there a workaround the affected people can use in the meantime?
  • These times are all in business hours. Obviously for “immediate” and “high” issues some of us would be working past the end of business.
  • Please note that the majority of tickets are LOW priority and handled in the order they were submitted. Any requests for something that doesn’t already exist – new software, new access, new account, new feature – are low priority.