About The Curriculum Portfolio

All curriculum matters in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science fall under the purview of the Operations Committee, which is also responsible for admissions, scholarship, and the academic progress of students. Curriculum affairs are generally handled by the Curriculum Chair, with the assistance of the departmental undergraduate chairs and the other members of the Operations Committee.

The primary responsibilities involving curriculum are:

  • to deal with requests from departments seeking approval for new and revised curriculum
  • to exercise due diligence by ensuring curriculum requests satisfy guidelines established by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board

R.J. Anderson, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Operations Committee, Curriculum Chair
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Contact Person & Support

Curriculum/Degree & Exchange Coordinator, Lindsay Campbell
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Rm. 300, Beamish-Munro Hall
Phone 533-6000 x. 74091
Email engineering.committees@queensu.ca

Curriculum and Academic Calendar Resource Materials

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