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About Us

Lynann Clapham

Associate Dean (Academic)

A Welcome Message from Lynann Clapham, Associate Dean (Academic):

It's my pleasure to welcome you-and to assist your explorations into undergraduate studies at the Queen's University Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

I lead the knowledgeable, caring team that's responsible for our undergraduate engineering programs. It's our job to help students navigate their academic studies, as well as any challenges that arise, and to graduate successfully.


Queen's Engineering is one of the oldest and most respected engineering schools in Canada. We've been granting degrees since 1894, and specialize in educating students for leadership in a global society with our top-quality, technically rigorous engineering programs.


As well as our strong academic programs, we're extremely proud of our students. They come from across the country and abroad, and 30 per cent are women (the highest of any major engineering program in Canada). Notably, in Queen's Engineering, we expect every student to succeed. Our retention rate (students successfully moving from year 1 into year 2) is over 96%, and ninety-one per cent of our students graduate'Äîthe highest rate of any engineering program in Canada.


This exemplary graduation rate can be explained by the high calibre of our students-aided by our "Student Success Services" that we've put in place to support their learning. These services include, among many others:


  • a first-year-specific academic advisor, over 30 additional academic advisors, and an engineering-based mental health counselor, all ready to help
  • an Engineering BounceBack program, tailored to Engineering students, which provides peer coaching to develop effective study habits, time management skills, strategies for dealing with stress, and other important topics
  • J-section, a program that allows students who have difficulties in the fall term of first year to repeat fall courses before proceeding.


We're strongly committed to the success of our students, both in and out of the classroom. We do all we can to help each individual to reach his or her academic potential.


The Queen's University Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science has a long history of providing the best engineering education Canada has to offer. If you have any questions about undergraduate studies, I sincerely invite you to contact us at (613) 533 2055, or by email at