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When will I ever use this?

How many times have you heard that question? Engineering challenges can help you answer that question by putting Science and Math into real-world context. Additionally, because Engineering is problem-based almost by definition, these contexts provide you with a ready-made framework for problem-based learning, which research shows to be very effective in helping students develop deep understanding of math and science concepts.


A further benefit to Engineering-based challenges in your classroom is their power to transform student engagement and aid in the development of essential critical thinking skills.


Connections can help you transform your class into a true STEM experience. See below and Contact us for details.

Bring Connections to your class

We will work with you to develop and modify design projects that relate engineering to concepts currently being studied in your class.


These projects will:

  • focus on real world scenarios that relate to contemporary issues
  • apply a design thinking mindset to solve problems
  • offer grade/age specific robotics workshops using current robotics tools such as WeDo 2.0, Robot mouse, Dash and Dot, Makey Makey, Little Bits, and Lego Mindstorms


COMING MAY 2017 - Maker Mobile (a mobile engineering laboratory)

Contact us for more information on costs

Bring your class to Connections

Contact our Engineering Outreach Coordinator to customize a package that matches the interest of your class. This can be a full day or a half day option in order to maximize students interest in a diversity of experiences while at Queen’s.

Available Programs

Our engineering outreach programs are grounded in education theories and pedagogies such as experiential learning and constructivism.



This event is aimed at girls in grades 7 – 10 and their parents. The girls participate in engaging, hands-on design activities led by Engineering students from Queen's and RMC while the parents learn about the Queen's Faculty of Engineering and how to support their daughters for academic success. Girls and parents also have the chance to hear from, and ask questions of, a panel of successful female Engineering alumni about some of the many possible career paths open to someone with an Engineering degree. 

Links to Engineering Resources
Links to Engineering Resources

Links to lots of useful resources about Engineering