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Mitchell Hall, formerly the Innovation and Wellness Centre

  • Artist rendering of the new Innovation and Wellness Centre
  • Artist rendering of the interior of the new Innovation and Wellness Centre
  • Artist rendering of the interior of the new Innovation and Wellness Centre
  • Artist rendering of the interior of the new Innovation and Wellness Centre

On October 11th, 2016, Queen’s University announced a $30 million investment from the Government of Canada, $20 million of which is to revitalize 67 Union Street, home of the previous Physical Education Centre. The building is being dramatically transformed to accommodate three of the Principal’s top priorities, including establishing a new space for the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, a home for our campus-wide innovation initiative, and a contemporary and integrated space for our Innovation and Wellness Centre.


Situated in the new Mitchell Hall, the Engineering Innovation Commons will be a dedicated space for bringing our engineering community together. This leading-edge facility will bring together innovative undergraduate teaching facilities, world-leading research facilities, and innovation programming in one space.


The generous donors who contributed to the “Inspiring Spaces” building fund understand the value of an inclusive, interdisciplinary environment—and their generosity is providing the necessary physical space to build community and stimulate new ideas. New undergraduate teaching and design studios, interdisciplinary research clusters, and flexible innovation space will bring together professors, undergraduate, and graduate students from a range of disciplines to collaborate in a dynamic and academic social environment.


Watch the renovation live on our webcam:


Launch Webcam


Mitchell Hall construction updates

**Most recent updates at top of page. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to follow progress from the start.



UPDATE - September 18th, 2018:



UPDATE - June 18th, 2018: Interior walls and finish work underway. Repointing work on the old PEC façade almost complete.


UPDATE - May 8th, 2018:

UPDATE - February 28th, 2018: A springlike day in Kingston has got everyone enjoying the sunshine!


UPDATE - February 1st, 2018: Finishing touches are being put on the glass exterior while more work is being completed on the inside.


UPDATE - December 22, 2017: Here are a few shots from inside the work site.


UPDATE - November 26, 2017: Here's a shot during last night's snow shower. Lots of stabilization work on the stone facade underway now as well as fitting out the new interior spaces.

Night-shot of the under-construction Innovation and Wellness Centre

UPDATE - November 15, 2017: In the last couple of weeks most of the exterior concrete wall panels and glass walls are installed. If you peek inside, you can see many of the interior walls are in place.

A view of the front of the under-construction Innovation and Wellness Centre

UPDATE - October 31, 2017: Lots of exterior glass and finished pre-cast concrete wall panels going in this week.

Elevated view of the rear of the building site for the Innovation and Wellness Centre

Elevated view of the rear of the under-construction Innovation and Wellness Centre

UPDATE - October 20, 2017: It looks like the building might be sealed up in time for winter.

Front/side view of the near-complete frame of the under-construction Innovation and Wellness Centre

UPDATE - October 2, 2017: This space used to the be grand hallway that separated the pool from the gym in the old PEC . . .

Interior view of the former grand hallway in the under-construction Innovation and Wellness Centre

UPDATE - September 18, 2017:

UPDATE - September 11, 2017: Union Street has reopened. Most structural steel work is complete, exterior wall panels are going up on the Division Street side. The building could be mostly enclosed in time for winter. 



UPDATE - August 24, 2017: Virtually all the structural steel for the new building appears to be in place. A peek inside shows the bones of the floors and atria.


UPDATE - July 13, 2017: New basement enclosed, some outer walls in place, structural steel for roof structure/penthouse in place, roadworks on Union and Division Streets still underway. The work on Union St is nearing completion.


UPDATE - May 27, 2017: Preparations for the closures of Union and Division Streets are complete. You can see new sewerage pipes laid out ready for installation on the left. On the right, some structural concrete for stair wells and elevators is in place, forms for walls and other structure are up, and some mechanical components are in place.


UPDATE - May 2, 2017: Around the other side of the side now you can see that the old gym is completely gutted. The temporary supports for the building facade and roof structure are in place. Concrete work for the connecting structure is mostly in place.


UPDATE - April 12, 2017: Most of the excavation for the foundations are complete and you can see some structural concrete work is underway now.


UPDATE - February 7, 2017: Walls are mostly down, penthouse is cleared away and excavation for new foundations are well underway.


UPDATE - January 3, 2017:  You can see most of the old pool is out now, the roof is off all the way back to the gym, and almost all the structural steel and walls are down . . .


UPDATE - December 16, 2016: Here's a shot from the northeast corner of the site. The mechanical penthouse and much of the old structural steel from the roof is off now. The walls are all open. Things are coming along quickly.



UPDATE - December 8, 2016:  A crane is in place. The air handling gear and most of the structural steel is gone from the old mechanical penthouse. It should all be cleared away by the end of the week. 


Also from December 8, you can see ongoing removal of debris from wood interior walls and finish. The I-beams in front of the dumpster are from the old mechanical penthouse. They're being cut into truckable sections for recycling. 



UPDATE - November 16, 2016:  The mechanical penthouse atop the PEC. The steel skin has been removed but you can still see much of the old air handling gear in place at the bottom.


Here's a shot of the main hallway looking north in August, prior to demolition...



And the same shot on November 16 ...



The east wall is almost fully open and the old pool is filled with rubble. The pace is picking up.



The construction crew took over the building in September and things started to happen very quickly...



The area was fenced off and early demolition work got underway. That's the east wall in the background. Behind it is the pool. 

The old PEC was cleaned out and prepared for demolition in August. Here's a shot of the pool deck then...



More updates to come!