Corporate Relations

Welcome! We are the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science’s Corporate Relations and Career team. Building on the unique strengths of the Queen’s engineering experience, our team delivers resources and career development opportunities to empower students in achieving the next level of success after graduation. We also work with employer partners in all industries, opening new avenues for collaboration and professional experience.

Corporate Relations Team

The Corporate Relations and Career Team:

  • Supports connecting employers with Queen's students talent for internships, summer jobs and post-grad opportunities
  • Delivers engineering and applied science-specific career resources for students
  • Shares industry trends with students and faculty
  • Supports alumni mentorship and networking for student career development
  • Connects industry-related career development to curriculum

We help our students develop confidence in their career decisions so they can look back and say,

"Queen's Engineering provided the resources and experiences I needed to find a career I feel passionate about."

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