EngWell Takeover


The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is proud to present EngWell Takeover. This 2-month initiative occurring March to April, brings health and wellness to the forefront at the hub of Queen’s Engineering. You’ll notice the interior spaces of Beamish-Munro Hall (BMH) literally marked with engaging activities and messages that are hard to ignore.

Peruse through the features below and step inside BMH with an open mind. Only then are you able to receive the psychological and physical benefits of the 2-month wellness retreat.

Enjoy the visual and interactive experience and let it inspire you to engineer your wellness.

  • Scavenger Hunt: win a VIP Dinner w/ Dean + 2 Friends

    Exclusive to Queen’s Engineering Students

    Wellness is something you must actively pursue. What better way to put this concept into action with our very own wellness scavenger hunt!

    1. Be the first to find this gold wellness leaf (sticker) hidden somewhere inside Beamish-Munro Hall and win a 3-course fine dining experience at AquaTerra with Dean Deluzio and up to two guests of your choice! Number of golden leaves to be found: 1. Number of winners: 1
    2. Be the first to find 1 of 10 green wellness leaves (stickers) hidden throughout Beamish-Munro Hall, Dupuis and WLH and win a $25 Amazon gift card. Number of green leaves to be found: 10. Number of winners: 10. One submission per individual.
    3. Submit your picture of the discovered leaf and associated code in its hidden location.

    Deadline: April 8, 2022

    Hint: stickers are not hidden inside washrooms, offices, group rooms, classrooms/labs/workshops or on ceilings.

    Note: one person can submit up to 1 gold leaf and 1 green leaf for consideration.

    Wellness Scavenger Hunt

    - Final Winners -

    April 8 2022

    Leaf Colour Code Winner Date Found Location Prize
    Gold 1. 2VYA Michael Reynolds March 1 1st floor: main entrance VIP dinner w/ Dean + 2 friends!
    Green Undiscovered $25 Amazon gift card
    Green 3. LQ0H Adam Wolpert Feb 28 1st floor: atrium installation $25 Amazon gift card
    Green 4. 63UN Monique Wun Feb 28 1st floor: atrium bench $25 Amazon gift card
    Green 5. NP6L Gillian Wun Feb 28 1st floor: wooden panels $25 Amazon gift card
    Green 6. AYWL Neoklis Neokleous Feb 28 2nd floor: pillar $25 Amazon gift card
    Green Undiscovered $25 Amazon gift card
    Green Undiscovered $25 Amazon gift card
    Green 9. 3PT3 Michael Reynolds March 1 3rd floor lounge table $25 Amazon gift card
    Green 10. RTUZ William Wakefield Feb 28 3rd floor stairwell $25 Amazon gift card
    Green Undiscovered $25 Amazon gift card
  • Complimentary Beverages

    Exclusive to Queen’s Engineering Students

    We’re giving away complimentary beverages from March to April. Want to know when and where? Monitor the student feed on your EngConnect mobile app. We’ll post when and where to pick up your complimentary beverage. Keep a close eye out— available while quantities last!

    Don’t have the free EngConnect app? Download it here: Google Play and Apple Store.

  • The Tiny Gym: Elevator Workouts

    It's finally here!

    We’re re-imagining the Beamish-Munro Hall elevator and turning it into our personal gym. Give our elevator exercises a try and increase your endurance, relieve stress and strengthen your muscles—all in an elevator ride up or down a floor or two!

  • Student Life Hacks
    Student Life Hacks

    Check out our monitors inside Beamish-Munro Hall to learn about student hacks that will enhance your student experience. From coffee tricks to binaural beats, we’re uncovering the best kept secrets that will help you get the most out of your academic and student life.

  • Cheeky Wellness Messages

    Look down, up, left and right. Beamish-Munro Hall is literally plastered with messages to inspire, motivate or just crack you up. We’re providing the framework for a healthy frame of mind!

  • Feedback + Treat

    Your Feedback Matters

    Tell us what you think of EngWell Takeover by sending us your feedback:

    1. Submit your feedback below.
    2. Show your front desk staff (in BMH 300) your confirmation receipt between Mon - Fri from 10 am - 3 pm.
    3. Collect your treat!

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For questions about EngWell Takeover, please e-mail Kendy Sandy at engineering.events@queensu.ca