I am concerned about family in other country.

Resources for Dealing with Family Abroad

International Advisor

Consider connecting with our International Student Advisor, Julie Hao. You can email her at engineering.intladvisor@queensu.ca or setting up a virtual meeting via our online booking system.

Queen’s University International Centre

Consider reaching out to our Queen’s University International Centre. For further information about resources available to you, including Advising and Counselling, please see the QUIC website.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious and need support:

Embedded Counsellor

If you are in Ontario, you may want to consider meeting with our Embedded Counsellor who can provide you with confidential, personal counselling and help you with finding ways to maintain your motivation and mental state over the academic year. Book an appointment.


If you have questions about mental health topics or need support of any kind, you’re not alone. Console is a platform that lets you choose the level of mental health care that is best for you at any time. For further information, please see the the Console website.

If absence and/or accommodation is required:

Absences and Accommodations Policy

Please ensure that you aware of our policies on Absences and Accommodations should any related or unrelated illnesses or injuries or other extenuating circumstances in the future prevent you from attending class or meeting academic requirements.