I am struggling with making healthy eating choices.

Healthy Eating Resources

Don’t have time to eat when studying? For many students it is hard to find the time to prepare healthy meals when you have so many assignments and projects due. But did you know eating healthy is linked to better study habits, improved retention, and faster information processing. Try smaller snacks throughout the day or meal prepping- it can be a real time saver and lead to overall more nutritious meal choices.

Health Promotion

Health Promotion supports healthy sleep, eating and exercise. Students can book ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ appointments through the Student Wellness website.

If your issues are related to financial challenges:

Student Awards

The Student Awards Office offers a number of options to help financially support you, such as needs-based bursaries, emergency assistance, Work Study Program, and short-term loans. For further information, please see the Student Awards website.

Swipe It Forward Program

If you are on campus and struggling to get enough to eat, this program can help. For more information, please see the Hospitality Services website.

First-Year Advisors

If your situation is critical (unable to meet basic needs), please consider meeting with one of our first-year advisors. Our first-year advisors can assist you by determining the best course of action (including resources) based on your individual needs. Our aim is to help you get back on track. If you would like to set up a virtual meeting with one of us, please see our advisor booking page.

AMS Food Bank

A confidential and non-judgmental food service for members of the Queen’s community. For more information, please see the AMS website.

Queen’s Room of Requirement

Located in the JDUC (accessible to all students). Various items available such as school and office supplies, kitchen and household items, books and textbooks, etc. Free to take or leave if you have items you need to get rid of. For more information, please see their Facebook page.