I am experiencing stress or feel anxious/depressed.

Resources for Anxiety/Depression

What is anxiety anyways? = “I should be doing something different than what I’m doing; I have so much work waiting for me; I should always be working; something’s always about to go wrong” + big spikes when an event is about to happen or is happening. Sound familiar? Everyone feels anxiety at some point, it’s a normal human emotion. It’s only a problem if it stops us from being able to do things that are important to us, like studying, seeing friends, working, taking care of ourselves through daily tasks such as eating, running errands, sleeping, showering, etc.

Embedded Counsellors

If you are in Ontario, you may want to consider meeting with one of our Embedded Counsellors (which is a free service) who can provide you with confidential, personal counselling and help you with finding ways to maintain your motivation and mental state over the academic year. Book an appointment.


If you are looking for mental health support and living outside of Ontario, please call Empower Me at 1-833-628-5589 to set up an appointment with a therapist. EmpowerMe provides access to counselling and mental health support that is multilingual, culturally sensitive, gender inclusive, and faith inclusive. This service is also available in other countries, check the Student Wellness website for more info.

Academic Accommodations

If you are currently not receiving accommodations, but feel that you should be accommodated, please contact Accessibility Services. Information is available on the QSAS website.

Absences and Accommodations Policy

Please ensure that you aware of our policies on Absences and Accommodations should any related or unrelated illnesses or injuries or other extenuating circumstances in the future prevent you from attending class or meeting academic requirements.

Student Wellness Services

Please make sure to refer to the Student Wellness Services website for information about services provided, workshops and other resources.