I am lacking social or emotional support.

Resources for Social or Emotional Support

Embedded Counsellors

If you are in Ontario, you may want to consider meeting with one of our Embedded Counsellors (which is a free service) who can provide you with confidential, personal counselling and help you with finding ways to maintain your motivation and mental state over the academic year. Book an appointment.


If you are looking for mental health support and living outside of Ontario, please call Empower Me at 1-833-628-5589 to set up an appointment with a therapist. EmpowerMe provides access to counselling and mental health support that is multilingual, culturally sensitive, gender inclusive, and faith inclusive. This service is also available in other countries, check the Student Wellness website for more info.

Are you located in residence?

Students Living in Residence

Are you located in residence? Consider reaching out to your Don in residence. There is programming within residence that may assist with connecting to others on campus.

Are you living remotely or not in Residence?


If you are in first year, connect with the FYNIRS program.

Reach out to an Academic Advisor

For information on academic advisor contact information in your department/year, please see our Academic Advisor page.

If you are an international student:

International Advisor

Consider connecting with our International Student Advisor, Julie Hao. You can email her at engineering.intladvisor@queensu.ca or setting up a virtual meeting via our online booking system.

Queen’s University International Centre

Consider reaching out to our Queen’s University International Centre. For further information about resources available to you, including Advising and Counselling, please see the QUIC website.

Engineering Society

The Engineering Society offers may ways to get connected and get involved at Queen’s, even remotely. For more information, please see this resource or visit the EngSoc website.