Quirky Wellness Challenge

Quirky Wellness Challenge

Self-care can take many different forms, from a walk in nature, to cooking, to belting out a favourite feel-good tune. We challenge you to take up a new wellness activity that helps you release stress, whatever it may be. We’ve challenged three professors to do the same.

Vote on a quirky wellness challenge for each professor to perform. Once votes are in, check back to watch the professors performing their most voted activity. You don’t want to miss it! Don’t forget to explore your own path to well-being and find what works for you.

Dr. Paul Hungler
Assistant Professor,
Chemical Engineering and Ingenuity Labs

Personal Wellness Activity:
Walking my dog Snowball

Wellness Challenge Options:

  • Buying a Pet Fish
  • Spinach Cake with Cream Frosting
  • Cold Lake Plunge

Voting Result: Cold Lake Plunge!

Dr. Alan Ableson
Assistant Professor,
Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Personal Wellness Activity:
Adult Cheer/Stunting

Wellness Challenge Options:

  • Plate Breaking
  • One-Minute Dance Party
  • Canvas Painting

Voting Result: Plate Breaking!

Dr. Kevin Deluzio
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Personal Wellness Activity:

Wellness Challenge Options:

  • Boat Yoga
  • 3-Minute Plank
  • Nature Bathing

Voting Result: Boat Yoga