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Collaborative programs involve more than one department for multidisciplinary research:

Collaborative Masters in Applied Sustainability

Building on the applied sustainability strategic theme of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, the objective of the MAS program is to expose students to the implementation of sustainable engineering solutions within the context of broader sustainability theory.

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Collaborative Biomedical Engineering

The Departments of Chemical, Electrical & Computer and Mechanical & Materials Engineering are formally collaborating to support a graduate biomedical engineering program that allows graduate students to access courses and co-supervisors in each department, as well as courses in Anatomy, Cell Biology and Biochemistry.

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Collaborative Graduate Program in GeoEngineering

GeoEngineering encompasses a range of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental problems of concern to Civil, Mining and Geological Engineers and Applied Scientists, enabling the management of the soil, rock and groundwater environment. GeoEngineers are involved with the engineering of earth and rock structures such as those associated with foundations, slopes, deep excavations, tunnels, solid waste landfills, and contaminated ground.

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