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Individual Online Courses - Undergraduate APSC 221: Economic and Business Practices  Offered 3 semesters per year Apply Now
MECH 221: Statics and Sold Mechanics Summer 2017
MECH 241: Fluid Mechanics I Summer 2017
MINE 472: Mining Systems, Automation, and Robotics Winter 2017
Individual Online Courses - Graduate MINE 800: Mining Systems and Processes Winter 2017 Apply Now
Bachelor of Mining Engineering Technology MNTC P01: Engineering Mathematics Summer 2017 Apply Now
MNTC P02: Mining Geology Summer 2017
MNTC P03: Foundational Mathematics Summer 2017
MNTC P04: Calculus Winter 2017
MNTC P05: Foundational Physics Winter 2017
MNTC P06: Foundational Chemistry Summer 2017
MNTC 301: Technical Writing and Communication Winter 2017
MNTC 302: Engineering Physics Winter 2017
MNTC 303: Engineering Chemistry Winter 2017


For B.Sc. students looking for Arts & Science online courses for complimentary studies, please examine this page: