Try Headspace with us

We’re inviting all members of the Queen’s Engineering community to join us on the most science-based meditation app available, Headspace, and let it assist you with your work-life balance goals, including managing stress, anxiety, getting better sleep, and more.

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Feel free to browse the content to find different single sessions and/or courses to check out.

All Queen's Engineering staff, faculty and students will have complete and complementary access to all the content on the app until the end of the Winter 2023 Term. 


Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a bit unsure of how to get started, anyone can make use of Headspace. There is a lot of info on their YouTube page – like this super short introduction video. The app includes courses for beginners on how to start meditating, music for focusing, mindful movement and yoga sessions, and other content to check out.

Since this is a service that the whole Faculty will be using, your colleagues can also be great resources for exchanging tips, staying accountable, and sharing your experiences with meditation.

Set up your account:

  1. Visit the following link:
  2. If you’re new to Headspace, create a new account using your Queen’s email address that includes your NetID (not the other alias Queen’s email addresses you may use -- it should look like, not If you already have a Headspace account, log in and verify your Queen’s email address.
  3. Download the app, log in, and start meditating!

In addition to the individual benefits that meditation can have, this is also the opportunity to continue to connect and strengthen our Queen’s Engineering community. We are excited to share this with you, and we hope you’ll join us!