Queen's Engineering Society

Queen's University Engineering Society

Formed in 1897, the Engineering Society of Queen’s University is one of the oldest representative bodies for engineering students in Canada and continues to be a leader in student initiatives. With 3,000 members currently staying on campus, 15,000 active alumni living throughout the world, and an annual budget of $1.7 million, EngSoc oversees some 45 student-run initiatives ranging from design projects to services to fun social events.

Each of these groups operates as a real-world business. Students learn everything from business plans to fundraising, from menu planning to decoration. These ventures develop many “soft skills” such as how to work in multidisciplinary groups and make business decisions in the real world. It is through these initiatives that students are taught to care for people and for the environment, and to act in ways that are healthy and sustainable.

The Engineering Society (EngSoc) is a completely student-run organization. The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is not responsible for the information contained on the EngSoc site, and does not endorse or recommend any of the content or opinions expressed on EngSoc pages.

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