Design Teams and Clubs

Design Teams

The design teams at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science offer students at all levels a chance to apply their budding academic and practical knowledge to a variety of challenging real-world projects.

Queen's Aero Design Team

Aero design team logo

Queen's Baja SAE

baja sae team logo

Queen's Biomedical Innovation Team

queen's biomedical innovation team logo

Queen's Bridge Building Team

Queen's Bridge Building Team Logo

Queen's Concrete Canoe Team

Queen's Concrete Canoe logo

Queen's Concrete Toboggan

Queen's Concrete Canoe logo

Queen's Fuel Cell Team

Fuel cell team logo

Queen's Formula SAE

Formula SAE team logo

Queen's Genetically Engineered Machine

Queen's genetically engineered machine logo

Queen's Hyperloop Design Team

hyperloop team logo

Queen's Mostly Autonomous Sailboat

Q mast team logo

Queen's Network Security Team

Network Security team logo

Queen's Solar Design Team

solar design team logo

Queen's Space Engineering Team

space engineering team logo

Queen's Supermileage Team

super mileage team logo

Queen's Rocket Engineering Team

rocket engineering team logo

Queen's Soft Robotics Team

soft robotics team logo

Queen's University Experimental Sustainability Team

quest logo


And here are some clubs that offer even more ways to get involved: