Undergraduate Studies

Whether you are a high school student, a transferring student, an international student or a returning student, you will find all the information you need to apply to Queen's Engineering here.

Common First Year with Open Program Choice

We have a common first year with a free choice of program going into second year. When you do choose your program, you don't have to worry about caps or quotas. Provided you pass all of your first-year courses and make your choice by the winter term deadline in first year, you are guaranteed a place in your engineering program of choice.

To apply your creativity and see it in action… to learn to work together in effective groups… and to tell the world about what you have done. It's what engineers do in the real world. It's what you will do in Queen's engineering, starting from day one.


Students apply to Queen's Engineering (QE) through the OUAC (Ontario University Application Centre) website. Secondary School prerequisites include six 4U and 4M courses, one of which must be English 4U. Calculus and Vectors 4U, Chemistry 4U, and Physics 4U are all required along with one of Advanced Functions 4U, Biology 4U, Data Management 4U, Computer Science 4U, Earth and Space Science 4U.

A final grade of 70% must be obtained in English 4U. Applicants outside of Ontario may have additional requirements.

We look forward to reviewing your application!