Queen's University has a common first-year in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Candidates applying to transfer from other accredited institutions are considered for upper-year admission if they have completed more than half of the courses taken in the Queen's first-year program. The curriculum includes first-year courses in calculus, physics, chemistry, computing, linear algebra, geology and graphics.

Note for Applicants from Ontario Community Colleges and CEGEPs:

  • Applicants from Ontario community college (CAAT) programs are considered for admission into the first-year of the engineering program at Queen's and need to have Ontario 4U mathematics and science prerequisite courses (or equivalents).

  • Applicants from CEGEP Engineering Technology programs are considered for admission into the first-year of the engineering program at Queen's and need to have the CEGEP mathematics, physics and chemistry prerequisite courses (Chemistry NYA, NYB; two of Mathematics NYA, NYB, NYC; and two of Physics NYA, NYB, NYC).

  • Graduates of technology programs may be granted exemptions for upper-year courses once they choose an engineering degree program after completing the common first-year. CAAT and CEGEP candidates need to apply by the first-year deadline of February 1.

The Application Procedure

Applications for upper-year admission consideration open on February 1 through the Ontario Universities Application Centre and are due by June 1. One of the ten degree programs must be indicated. The on-line application is available at:

All documentation requested must be received at Undergraduate Admission by June 15.

The Chair of Undergraduate Studies of the department concerned reviews complete applications. The Admission Committee of the Faculty must then approve offers of admission proposed by the department.

A full Statement of Transfer Credit will be available for admitted students after they have been approved by the Associate Dean and final marks have been received. We regret that "pre-assessments" are not available for potential applicants at this time.

Internal Transfer to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Student can apply as either a first-year student or as an upper-year transfer.

It is the number of first-year engineering courses that students have that determines if they are first-year or upper-year admission. Students who will have completed fewer than the equivalent of at least six of the 11 courses first-year engineering students take should apply for first-year engineering. Those with at least six of the 11 first-year engineering courses need to apply for upper-year engineering. See the list of first-year engineering courses...

  • Deadline for first-year applicants: February 1
  • Deadline for upper-year applicants: June 1

Apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre using a 105D Application.

To be eligible for admission consideration to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, students in other faculties or schools at Queen's University must have taken Ontario 4U Chemistry, 4U Physics, and 4U Calculus (or their equivalents).

Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 and no failures in relevant courses on their university transcript. Some engineering programs, such as Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, are more competitive, because is limited space for upper-year transfer students.