Contact Information

First-Year Program

For questions or concerns, first-year students can speak with our team.

[Marianna Kontopoulou]
Marianna Kontopoulou
Associate Dean (Academic)

[Aphra Rogers]
Aphra Rogers
FEAS Program Lead

[Stacy Shane]
Stacy Shane
Manager, Student Services

[Micheline Johnston]
Micheline Johnston
Program Advisor, First Year

First-Year Contacts

First-year students (Domestic):
Aphra Rogers or Micheline Johnston

First-year students (International):

For appointments with the Associate Dean (Academic):
Contact her assistant, Tracy Brons, at 613-533-6000 ext. 78266
or by email:

For absences and accommodations:
Catherine Gurnsey

Engineering Program Advisors

Undergraduate advisors and chairs who are also available to upper-year students with questions or concerns.

Chemical Engineering / Engineering Chemistry

Liann Joanette

Dr. Martin Guay (CHEE)

Dr. Scott Parent (ENCH)

Civil Engineering

Angela Brown

Dr. Ana da Silva

Computer and Electrical Engineering

Irina Pavich

Dr. Karen Rudie (ELEC/CMPE)

Engineering Physics

Melissa Balson

Dr. Jun Gao

Geological Engineering

Larke Zarichny

Dr. Mark Diederichs

Mathematics and Engineering

Johana Ng

Dr. Adol-Reza Mansouri

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Jacquie Brown

Dr. Darko Matovic

Mining Engineering

Tina McKenna

Dr. Laeeque Daneshmend

General Information

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Office
Phone: 613-533-2055