ECE Innovation Stream

Choosing Your ECE Innovation Stream

[students with robots]The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) welcomes you to the ECE Innovation stream (ECEi). The first-year program in the ECEI is composed of the same courses as for all other first-year engineering students.

Provided that you have passed all of your first-year courses, you are guaranteed to get into either of the two programs of your choice: Electrical Engineering (EE) or Computer Engineering (CE). You will enrol in the innovation stream of EE or CE and will take a number of different courses in comparison to the regular EE and CE students. The EE and CE innovation streams in year two are further connected to a number of technical sub-streams in years three and four.

Please refer to the ECE departmental website for more information on the innovation stream and the ECE programs.

Queen's ECE Department

Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
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Undergraduate Assistant: I. Pavich
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