Extended Program

How Does the Extended Program Work?

Winter term week 1: Information meeting and sign-up

Winter weeks 2-6: Five-week review of the material presented in the Fall term physics, calculus, and chemistry courses (APSC111, APSC131, APSC171). During this time students are also enrolled in their regulation sections of APSC 100, APSC 162, and APSC 182.

Reading Week: Rewrite the final exams for these three courses. Note: The final Extended Program marks REPLACE the original Fall final marks for these three courses in the GPA calculation, not on the transcript.

Week 7: Winter term courses begin for the Extended Program. Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, and Linear Algebra. These run for the usual 12 weeks.

April exam period: Extended midterms are held. Students complete APSC 100, and write final exams for APSC 162 and APSC 182.

Early May: Restart the final six weeks of the Extended Program courses.

Mid-June: Extended Program final exams (these are also use as rewrite exams for students who didn't do well in the regular section final exams).

A couple other points:

  • There are extra fees for the four courses that extend into the Spring/Summer session – total costs are between $500-$600 per course. This fee is due May 1.
  • As indicated above, your three other Winter term courses are APSC100, APSC162, and APSC182. You continue to do these courses in your regular sections and complete them before May.

Find more detailed information here: First Year Studies > Extended Program