Welcome to Engineering at Queen’s!

[Marianna Kontopoulou]

Marianna Kontopoulou
Associate Dean (Academic)

Engineering programs are formally structured in order to meet the requirements of the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). In each year of their programs, students are required to take “core” courses. However, as you move into the third and fourth years of your program, you will have the opportunity to choose many of your courses (technical electives and complementary studies courses). Your Engineering program requirements and structure are provided in the Academic Calendar which can be found on our website. Provided you follow this structure, you should meet the graduation requirements required by the CEAB. It is important to recognize that each student is personally responsible for ensuring that he/she has met the requirements for graduation.

If you have ANY questions, or wish to modify your program in any way, we strongly encourage you to ask an academic advisor. Your academic counsellors go by different names – student advisors, program advisors, undergraduate advisors, undergraduate chairs. We have over 30 academic advisors in Engineering. Most are listed on our Contact Information page. We are here to help you – come and visit us!

For other first-year resources not found here, you can also refer to our Current Students section.