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The Dual Degree plan allows students interested in earning two degrees during their undergraduate studies. This is possible through combining your Engineering Degree (primary degree) with a degree from the Faculty of Arts and Science.

There are many Arts and Science programs that can be combined with your Engineering degree. Find more information about dual degrees…

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With experiential learning being the focal point of engineering training, employers are increasingly looking for students who have hands-on industrial experience. Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) provides opportunities for second-year or third-year undergraduate students to go on paid internships for 12-16 months and graduate with the designation of “Bachelor of Applied Science with Professional Internship”.

Through QUIP, students can learn about new technologies and business practices in the industry, gain practical experience of working in the field, and establish connections with potential employers.

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Being in an exchange program offers many exciting opportunities. You get to live in a different country, meet people from another culture, and experience campus life at another university.

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