Queen’s Engineering Professional Scale-up Program (QEPSUP)

The Queen’s Engineering Professional Scale-up Program (QEPSUP) is a special pilot internship program for third year students in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (FEAS). QEPSUP is designed to provide exceptional internship opportunities for a select number of qualifying FEAS students interested in gaining professional experience in diverse startup and scale-up tech settings. This year’s pilot version of the program will focus primarily on opportunities in California (Silicon Valley) and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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Program Model

Students selected to participate in QEPSUP will gain access to an exclusive job board, as well as receive specialized career development workshops and mentorship throughout the year. The QEPSUP job board will be populated with unique opportunities on an ongoing basis; all opportunities will be carefully screened by the QEPSUP coordinating team and will roll in as they are approved.

The QEPSUP internship model consists of two full-time, back-to-back 8-month internships (16 months total) between the third and fourth years of your degree. This means a student who receives and accepts an internship offer will begin their first 8-month internship with a Californian employer in May 2020, and will seek a second 8-month internship with a GTA employer in January 2021.

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Why choose to apply to QEPSUP?

  • Gain access to QEPSUP's exclusive job board and see opportunities you normally would not
  • Practice specialized job search skills such as technical resume writing and technical interviewing throughout the recruitment process
  • Learn about tech and innovation culture in Canada and the U.S.

Why choose to do a QEPSUP internship?

  • Take a break from academics and test drive a career in fast growth, tech scale-up settings
  • Gain diverse experience working with multiple employers, teams, and projects
  • Make valuable business/industry contacts in the U.S. and Canada to build your professional network
  • Earn and learn to reduce your debt; most scholarships can be deferred (check with Student Awards) and students may be able to defer interest payments on government assistance loans
  • Complete your undergraduate degree with over a year of professional work experience and an impressive resume to start your post-graduation job search

Angelo, QEPSUP/QUIP intern at Cisco Meraki

Angelo talks about problem solving and risk tolerance in innovative tech environments.

  • Transcript:

    One thing that I’ve learned to do so far is to accept a bit more risk than I usually would. I find that as a student, you are pushed more towards being a perfectionist; you’re getting graded on each and every assignment, and all of your projects are being graded, and you know that you should do – you should do as much as you can but also you might not want to make any mistakes at all. In the industry, I find that it’s – there’s a certain tolerance for risk and as long as you’re within that tolerance, it’s fine - and that tolerance is usually higher than what you have in school. In the industry, it seems that you are able to take a lot more risks; you should always try to build things and break things if it comes to that, and then fix those problems, whereas I find in school you don’t really have the opportunity to fix problems as much. That’s something I definitely have really tried to adapt into.

Eligibility and Expectations

We are looking for third year undergraduate students from all engineering disciplines to apply. This program is ideal for students with software experience who are interested in tech and innovation culture. As QEPSUP is a pilot program, student applicants must be comfortable taking risks, adaptable to quick pivots, and feel passionate about working in international and fast-growth companies.

QEPSUP is a subset of the Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) and will require applicants to register in the QUIP program to remain eligible. If you are not already registered in QUIP, registration must be completed after you have submitted your application package and been selected to participate in QEPSUP.

Qualifying for QEPSUP does not guarantee you an internship. QEPSUP is a competitive process. Should you be accepted to participate in this program, you will receive support in resume writing and the technical interview process to be competitive for an internship with our QEPSUP employers. Should you not be successful in attaining a QEPSUP position, you will still be eligible for QUIP and will continue to receive support applying to QUIP positions.

If you accept a job offer for your first 8-month internship for May 2020, you will still need to secure a second 8-month internship for January 2021 to receive an internship accreditation on your degree. The QEPSUP team will help to facilitate this process.

How to Apply

  1. Sign up for our QEPSUP Information Session on MyCareer to get full program details and application instructions.
    • Date: September 11, 2019
    • Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
  2. Download our Application Package (PDF, 728 KB) for an application checklist and instructions.
  3. Submit your application to qepsup@queensu.ca on or before September 25, 2019.

Contact Information:
If you have any questions, please contact the QEPSUP Coordinator at qepsup@queensu.ca.