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Donor appreciation wall unveiled in the Department of Civil Engineering

There was a very nice gathering and ceremony in Ellis Hall on May 25 for the unveiling of a great-looking new donor wall for those who have made financial donations to the work of the Department of Civil Engineering here at Queen's. 


A message from Dean Kevin Duluzio:

It’s always a good day when we get to say thank-you and it’s a doubly good day when we get to celebrate with friends, and with colleagues current and past.
As I look back on my first year as Dean, I recognize in new ways how important the support of our alumni and our friends is to the leadership position the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen’s holds in the world. Your support is key to our success today, and it will be key to our successes in the future.
I am inspired by what I see and motivated by what is possible as I move around campus. You need look no further than the Innovation and Wellness Centre project nearing completion now in the footprint of the old Physical Education Centre. That building was made possible through the shared vision and cooperation among our Engineering alumni, tremendous donors, and Engineering faculty. I’m very proud to say that 95 percent of the funds needed to bring that project to completion were raised by Engineering.
I find myself looking to the Department of Civil Engineering often for examples of Queen’s Engineers doing things very well. That comes from a long tradition of excellence here, arguably the best Civil Engineering department in the country. This wall is a permanent expression of gratitude to those who have donated to the Department of Civil Engineering.
Thank-you very much for your contributions.



In gratitude,
Kevin J. Deluzio, Ph.D., P. Eng.
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen's University


A message Professor Kent Novakowski:

It is fitting that we are gathered here in Ellis Hall, the long-time home of the Department of Civil Engineering. As many of you know, Dr. Ellis served as an early lieutenant in the Fifth Field Company Canadian Engineers and as an Engineering leader during World War I. He later became an Engineering professor at Queen’s, serving as Head of the Department of Civil Engineering from 1940 and as Dean of Applied Science from 1943 to 1955.
Dr. Ellis guided the Department and Faculty through periods of tumult and unprecedented growth. He played a large role in choosing the path the Department has walked for the past 80 years. I suspect, though, that he would be amazed by how far we have come since his time. Our facilities, technology, teaching methods, and even his namesake building, have undergone such transformation even in recent years. I predict that the pace of growth and change will only continue to accelerate.
Dr. Ellis’ future, and the one that lies before us now, is really only possible with the help of our supporters, some of whom we are lucky to have with us today. Without your contributions we would not be where we are. I am privileged to dedicate this wall to you, our donors, and add to it my most sincere thanks.



Kent Novakowski, Ph.D.
Professor and Head, Department of Civil Engineering at Queen's University


Steady Hand

DONOR APPRECIATION: The new wall on second floor of Ellis Hall is a permanent expression of gratitude for donors to the Department of Civil Engineering.


Steady Hand

GENEROUS SUPPORT: Just a few of those who have made generous donations to the Department of Civil Engineering joined Dean Deluzio and Professor Novakowski, May 25, for the unveiling of the new donor wall.