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Kim earns FEAS Excellence in Research Award

“EXCELENCE IN RESEARCH: “By working with industry, I see the result implemented or realized in the real market,” says Associate Professor Il Yong Kim. “This is pleasing. There’s a lot of satisfaction.”


Il Yong Kim, an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, is this year’s recipient of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (FEAS) Excellence in Research Award.

The prize recognizes outstanding contributions by faculty members to the research environment in the FEAS at Queen’s University. Winners of the award will receive a grant of $10,000 to be used to support their research. The award is intended to reward faculty for their research leadership and for fostering collaborative growth at the graduate level within the faculty. Only Assistant and Associate Professors are eligible and are to be nominated by heads of departments or by other faculty members.

“As a university professor, research and education are combined together,” says Kim. “I always emphasize very applied, practical, technological development with industry partners in my research program, in addition to fundamental, academic research. By working on industrial collaboration projects, many of my students work for these companies as full-time interns. It’s great real-world experience. All my former graduate students, with no exception, are very successful. No single graduate student has had a hard time finding a job.

“I plan to use this money as seed money from new large-scale opportunities,” he adds. “The real thing is, it’s fun. It’s exciting. And there are bright people, talented people, in industry that I like to work with. By working with industry, I see the result implemented or realized in the real market. This is pleasing. There’s a lot of satisfaction for me.”