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Make your picks for the Queen's Engineering 125th Anniversary Awards


Did you know that you are part of a tradition of 125 of engineering education excellence?  

Since its founding in 1893, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen’s University has been delivering a transformational experience for more than 20,000 students and you have been an integral part of this achievement.

You have helped create a diverse, inclusive and supportive community while cultivating and delivering 125 years of engineering education excellence.

To celebrate our 125th, we are holding a variety of events and celebrations to commemorate 125 years of “Renowned Spirit and Unrivalled Excellence.”

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As part of our celebrations we will be honouring 125 alumni, faculty, staff and students by sharing their stories and their achievements, and we need your help!

Nominate current students and alumni who are leading interesting lives and making noteworthy contributions to society. Nominate faculty and staff who have helped educate, guide and support students throughout their time at Queen’s or who have gone above and beyond in their position to better the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

You can fill out a nomination form here: