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PHOTOS: ECE Capstone design competiton

The ECE Capstone Design Open House was held yesterday in the ILC. Special congratulations to Kwok Hin Sham (Leo), Alaa Qamhieh, Filipe Matos, and Daniel Jones for earning first place in the Electrical Engineering category for their design for an intelligent junction box for residential nano grid. And to Ryan Baxter, Parv Mital, and Mitchell Waite for earning top spot in the computer engineering category for their AMBr: The Advanced Media Browser.


The winners of ELEC 490/498 Open House:


ELEC 490 - Electrical Engineering projects

1st Place

TEAM 11: Kwok Hin Sham (Leo), Alaa Qamhieh, Filipe Matos, Daniel Jones. Supervisor, Prof. Suzan Eren.

Intelligent junction box for residential nano grid

2nd  Place

TEAM 3: Johan Cornelissen, Maytha Nassor, Jeremy Weiss, Daniel Borisov. Supervisor: Prof. Evelyn Morin. Human Mapped Robotic Arm

3rd Place

TEAM 18: Jeremie Jollivet, Justin Chow, Jeremy Roy, Riley Kirkpatrick. Supervisor: Prof. Carlos Saavedra.

Quadcopter controlled by on-board smartphone


ELEC 498 - Computer Engineering Projects:

1st Place

TEAM 32: AMBr: Ryan Baxter, Parv Mital, Mitchell Waite Supervisor, Profs Thomas Dean and Ahmad Afsahi.

The Advanced Media Browser.

2nd  Place

Team 28: Palmer McCutcheon, Zack Harley, Jacob Klein. Supervisor, Prof. Saeed Gazor.

 Real-time Tracking of Room Occupancy

3rd  Place

TEAM 31: Jonah Chin, Blaise Petric, Michael Lam. Supervisor, Prof. Evelyn Morin.