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PROFILE: Undergraduate Researcher, Danielle Tremblay

A HEAD START : Queen’s Biomedical Computing student, Danielle Tremblay, is earning valuable research experience that will give her a leg up once she completes her undergraduate degree. 


By James Hubay, FEAS communications intern, with files from Matt Mills, FEAS communications staff.

Danielle Tremblay is a fifth-year Biomedical Computing student and an undergraduate member of the research team under Queen’s civil engineering professor Pascale Champagne.

Tremblay and her colleagues are working on laboratory induced adaptive evolution in microalgae species for wastewater bioremediation and algae biofuel production. It’s work that will help protect the environment and could provide alternative sources of combustible fuel.

“We start by growing the algae on different concentrations of wastewater in the lab,” says

Tremblay. “Then we test the samples to see if the individual alga cleaned the wastewater and if it can be used afterwards to produce good quality biofuel.”
Tremblay met Champagne after first year when she developed a GUI for one Champagne’s Master’s students.

“She offered me a position when I finished,” says Tremblay. “I was really interested in the work she was doing, so I continued to work with her throughout all of my summers at Queen’s.”

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