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VIDEO: Bahman Gharesifard earns First-Year Instructor Teaching Award

Video Transcript:

First off I just want to congratulate you
for winning

The Faculty of Engineering
and Applied Science

First Year Instructor Teaching Award

How does it feel to be honoured by
an award given by students

To a teacher they really like

It's really a big honour, basically it's
a pleasure to be able to teach

Such a great group of students

We're really privileged instructors
at Queen's

And teach a group of brilliant students

So its an honour.
It's a big honour.

And I think one of the things that you do
really well

That I don't think any other professor
I had this year did

was you bothered learning the names
of students

Is that something you've always
tried to do?

It's something I love doing

It's just that extra personal touch

I just want to know who I'm speaking too

So in classes that I teach in apple,
I have 50-60 students and its ok

By half the semester I know all of them

In a class of 250 the first time I
taught this course, I didn't know how

Because I was missing that part,
not knowing the students

And so I was like "I'm gonna try it",
I'm not going to learn 250 names

but even if Learned 20 names,
thats really good

And it makes the class more fun for me too

Linear Algebra is kind of a tough course
to approach

Because it's so abstract and doesn't
necessarily relate

In the ways people would think
to Engineering

How do you try to teach
something so abstract

That's one of the difficulties of
teaching this course

Because as you know it's a pretty
abstract course

But the element that really we're
building in class is really

the element of trust

Between the instructor and the students

At the beginning they were like

"wow, this topic that you're talking about
I don't know how it's going to be of any use"

But then with that element of trust,
I always tell my students

Trust, it'g going toe applied to something

That patience of students makes it work

They're pretty patient

What would you say you enjoy most about
teaching the 174 course

I think the energy in the room

When you're in front of 200-250 students
that are eager to learn

That joy, it gives you energy,
It boosts your energy

I put so much energy in the class
it's because of students

I really enjoy it.