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VIDEO: Mining Career Path: Roy Slack

Learn more about Cementation (great webpage) and  The Robert M Buchan Department of Mining Engineering.


Video tanscript:


I'm a Queen's graduate. I went to Queen's

graduated in 1982, mining engineering.

And, actually, I'm from Kingston originally.

So, Queen's was always where I was

going to go. There was no choice in the matter

but I ended up in mining and when I graduated in '82,

there was a bit of a downturn and I ended up with,

even though I graduated and ended up with a summer

job, I worked at Îles de la Madeleine, the

Magdalen Islands. That's a salt mine and I

worked for a company called Redpath and we were doing

a shaft there. So, my first job after school was actually

in shaft sinking. From there up to Timmins,

the Dome, No. 8 Shaft, a major development project

again for Redpath. And then from there up to Hemlow

and worked at what's today known at Williams but at

the time was Lac Minerals. And we sunk the shaft there

did a lot of development, developed the whole mine.

And from there, Val-d'Or, I went to Val-d'Or and ran

a project there. My French isn't strong, but still

managed a project in Quebec and quite proud of

that. And after than worked in the office for a couple

of years both in project management and in engineering

and that was with Redpath.

In 1989 I had the opportunity to become a partner

in a new company that was starting in Sudbury called BLM,

which is part of BLM which is Bharti Laminate Mining.

Now, one of the partners, Stan Bharti, his name is on

Laurentian Engineering today. It's the Bharti School of Engineering.

But we were a start-up at the time and established a contracting

engineering company in '95 we went public with that, Williams Resources,

and at that time, I opted out of the that. Did a start-up a year later

and Mine Project Services was my own consulting firm, and one of

our clients was a company called Cementation out of Doncaster in the UK.

And they were interested in doing an acquisition in

North America. They wanted to establish a contracting company

in North America, so I did a review for them, presented on a

possible acquisition, but they asked me, I had done a couple of

start-ups, they asked me, 'Would you do a start-up for us?'

So, in 1998, we started Cementation and I'm still with Cementation

It's been 18 years now, 19 years. And we went from a true start-up,

I was the first employee, to a very substantial mining contracting

company, so that's the course of my career to date.