Barz earns research grant

Posted on September 21, 2015

Funding to be used for development of new battery

Dr Dominik Barz of the Department of Chemical Engineering has received a grant from the Ontario Government’s Early Researcher Awards Program valued at $140,000 for the development of a rechargeable battery.

“In the current research, we propose the development of a novel type of rechargeable micro battery with a wide range of applications,” reads Dr Barz’s application. “A single micro battery can be used for portable medical diagnostic systems benefiting Ontario’s health care system. Large numbers of micro batteries can be bundled into stacks with high energy contents despite their small volumes. These stacks could solve the battery bottleneck for electric cars or they can serve in combination with regenerative energy sources as power supply in remote areas of Ontario. We will use a combined experimental and computational approach to develop these batteries.”

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Dr Dominik Barz

Dr Dominik Barz