FEAS students present at Shell Symposium

Sponsor representatives review project progress

Shell Symposium

Members of Queen’s Eco Vehicle Team, Leo Sham and Adreon Murphy

Queen’s FEAS students gathered at the ILC earlier today for the 3rd Shell Experiential Learning Opportunities Symposium. It was a chance for teams who earned project funding support from the 2014-2015 Shell Experiential Learning Opportunities Fund to show their work to representatives from Shell Canada. Shell has donated more than $220,000 over three years to undergraduate student projects as Queen’s.

Shell representatives Lauren Atkins, Teresa Waddington, John Courtright reviewed the teams’ work.

Participating teams were:

Queen’s BAJA SAE Design Team
Queen’s Fuel Cell Team/SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge
Queen’s Canadian Mining Games Competition
Queen’s Miller Club Geoscience Speaker Series
Queen’s Eco Vehicle Design Team/Shell Eco Vehicle Marathon
Queen’s Formula SAE Design & Race Team/SAE Series Competition
Queen’s solar Design Team